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Beer Variety Delivered on Demand! FBC Specials!

For those you who like vartiey when on the beers we've got you covered!

We're very proud to announced we'll be creating variety packs so you'll never get bored of drinking the same drink.... all day....or night.

After the success of the Boxing Day Beer Pack we're keeping this classic line up and re-branding as "The Classics".

This pack built of the classic favourites:

- Victoria Bitter (375ml, 1.4 standard drinks, 4.9% ALC/VOL)

- Carlton Draught (375ml, 1.4 standard drinks, 4.6 ALC/VOL)

- Carlton Dry (375ml, 1.3 standard drinks, 4.5% ALC/VOL)

- Melbourne Bitter (375ml, 1.4 standard drinks, 4.9% ALC/VOL)

This week we've also added The IPA Journey 4 Pack. This craft collection consists of the below brews:

- Balter Hazy IPA (375ml, 1.8 standard drinks, 6% ALC/VOL)

- Bentspoke Crankshaft Cranking IPA (375ml, 1.7 standard drinks, 5.8% ALC/VOL)

- Hop Nation J Juice NEIPA (375ml, 2.1 standard drinks, 7.1 ALC/VOL)

- Green Beacon Brewing Co Windjammer India Pale Ale (375ml, 1.8 standard drinks, 6% ALC/VOL)

Add a bit of variety to your life, get your beers delivered on demand.


Until next time,


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