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DV Cider House Ciders Now Available - Made Right Here In Victoria!

We've grown our cider offering here at Frothy Beer Club, now DV Cider House's range is now available for on demand delivery!

The range includes:

Hop Drop:

DV Cider House Hop Drop Can

It’s all about the hop!!

And we use Citra Hop, famous for its fruity aromas of passionfruit and lychee. You won’t forget the unique aromatics and slight-bitter finish of your first Hop Drop.


Medium-Dry | Lightly Carbonated | Aromatics Lychee, Passionfruit, Tropical Fruits, Lime

Food pairing: Yum Cha, Sushi, Oysters Kilpatrick, Seafood


Vegan Friendly

5% ABV

Pulp Friction:

DV Cider House Pulp Friction

When two worlds collide….there’s bound to be some friction!

We got sick of comparing apples with pears. So we blended them instead. Some say it’s an unholy matrimony but after one sip we think you’ll appreciate what we’ve done here. After carefully picking the right varieties, we’ve found a way to balance the acidity of apple with the sweetness of pear.


Medium-sweet | Lightly Carbonated | Aromatics Ripe Pear, French oak, Green Apple

Food pairing: BBQs, Sticky Ribs, Asian Sweet Sauces, Desserts


Vegan Friendly

4.5% ABV

Fully St'oaked:

DV Cider House Fully St'oaked

A crisp cultural collusion— oak and apple fusion!

Want to know the real difference between the cider you get from the pub and real craft cider? It’s a question of character but mostly the way it’s made. This is one of our favourites. To make it we age our cider in French Oak. The result is a light tannin finish that offers more flavour complexity than your average tap cider.


Medium-Dry | Lightly Carbonated | Aromatics Light Oak, wood notes, Vanilla

Food pairing: slow-smoked American BBQs, Charcuterie board, Asian & Medittaranean spiced dishes


Vegan Friendly

5.4% ABV

2020 Dark Molasses & Espresso:

DV Cider House 2020 Dark Molasses & Espresso

This is a DV Cider House 2020 Limited Release.

A robust dark cider. Freshly roasted coffee and burnt caramelised apple aromatics with dark molasses bitterness. Blended with heritage cider and pink lady apples. A drink to awaken your winter palate... & challenge your thoughts on craft cider. Combines elements of stout and porter style beers with the crispness of heritage cider apples.

The Espresso We chose Rafael’s Special Onesto Blend, providing complexity and character with chocolate and cocoa overtones. Using artisanal methods the beans were roasted and coarsely-ground at his roastery in the Macedon Ranges. Extraction Whilst fresh the roasted grounds were steeped in 80 degrees celsius water for 48 hours before the strong coffee concentrate was extracted through a fine filter. The coffee was then cooled to 0.5 degrees over 2 days to encourage the oils to rise to the top, which was then skimmed leaving behind a pure dark coffee extraction. The Molasses blend Good ol’ Queensland’s Bundaberg town provided the correct bitterness and darkness we wanted to add to our cider. The coffee extraction was carefully warmed just enough to easily melt the molasses for our cider blend. 8.0% ABV

This range is available for on demand alcohol delivery. Delivered cold within 30 minutes in Sydenham, Taylors Lakes, Caroline Springs, Taylors Hill & Hillside.

To order now through Frothy Beer Club CLICK HERE

Until next time,

Team FBC

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