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BEER OF THE WEEK: Pirate Life Brewing Tropical Pale

This week we add Pirate Life Brewing's delicious 2019 Tropical Pale.

Cruising in at 4.8% ABV, Pirate Life’s latest can release ‘Tropical Pale’ calls on famed N.Z. hop varietals Wai-iti, Riwaka and Kohatu for their trademark fruity punch. Aussie staple Enigma lends lifted notes of raspberry and crushed grape, while a lighter filter pass has bumped up the concentration and overall juice bomb appeal. Woah… Visually, it’s sunny and bright lemon in colour with a touch of haze. The palate is clean and fruit driven, a lively combination of passionfruit, citrus and fresh red berry. Oats lend a delicate and creamy mouthfeel while a considered reduction in bitterness guides Tropical towards the session end – great news for those on the look-out for a refreshing summer staple. All things considered, it seems we may have inadvertently out brewed ourselves with this one. At least that’s what our C.E.O. said when presented with a sample during blind sensory analysis.

Recommended Food Pairings:


- Cheddar & chilli cheese with crackers


- Goat cheese and walnuts.


- This beer would match well with a Mexican tilapia


- Perfectly cooked white fish, topped colorfully with mango salsa, coriander, cumin and green chillies.

Asian Cuisine:

- Pad Thai


- Any of your favourite Asian noodle recipe.

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