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BEER OF THE WEEK: Coburg Lager

This week have a very local beer of the week from just a few suburbs down the Calder Fwy.

We've just added Coburg Brewing Co's Coburg Lager to the Frothy Beer Club On Demand Menu.


A dry but slightly fruity lager with a clean biscuit malt flavour, subtle citrus fruit notes and a gentle spicy hop character derived from the Czech-grown Saaz hops.

Really it’s just a simple tasty number you can sit on all night.

Malts Pilsner Malt 78%, Australian Wheat Malt 10% and Munich Malt with a pinch of roast barley.

Hops US Cascade and Czech Saaz. Weihenstephan strain yeast from the world’s oldest brewery. Cool fermented at 10 degrees.

ABV 4.6%

No preservatives, just beer.

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