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Add a Bit of Variety to Your Life!

Frothy Beer Club has introduced the new weekly variety 4 pack!

Each week we're curating a mixed 4 pack to enjoy. Who doesn't love trying different beers and cider!

There's nothing worse than commiting to a 6 pack of a beer you've never had before, only to take one sip and dislike it. Don't get me wrong you always drink the lot of them all but still why not expand your booze repertoire instead.

This week the variety 4 pack has 3 beers and 1 cider, see below:

variety 4 pack beer cider

1. Bryron Bay Brewery's Hazy Lager - It’s quenching, balanced and just a little fruity for maximum refreshment.

- 355ml can

- 1.2 standard drinks

- 4.4% ALC/VOL

2. Green Beacon Brewing Co's Windjammer IPA - This IPA has juicy citrus and pine with firm hop bitterness on palate.

- 375ml can

- 1.8 standard drinks

- 6% ALC/VOL

3. Balter's XPA - It might be pale but there’s nothing weak about this bad boy. This XPA’s tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. Tailored for those who enjoy a fully-hopped beer that’s still easy to drink.

- 375ml

- 1.5 standard drinks

- 5% ALC/VOL

4. DV Cider House's Pulp Friction - When two worlds collide….there’s bound to be some friction! Sick of comparing apples with pears? So DV Cider House blended them instead. Some say it’s an unholy matrimony but after one sip we think you’ll appreciate what the combo done here. After carefully picking the right varieties, we’ve found a way to balance the acidity of apple with the sweetness of pear.

- 375ml

- 1.3 standard drinks

- 4.5% ALC/VOL

Delivery available on demand through Frothy Beer Club, Uber Eats, Door Dash & Deliveroo.

Delivering to Sydneham, Taylors Lakes, Taylors Hill, Hillside, Fraiser Rise & Caroline Springs.

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